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Pick a Date to Donate

Select a date you would like to sponsor from the calendar, follow the link to the new window to pay via credit/debit card (using the square platform).  For example, if the 10th is the date you select, then follow the link, and complete the payment for $10.  Be sure to add your name when making your payment.  You will need to repeat the process for each date you choose. At the end of the month we will randomly pick 3 dates and award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  Winner's will need to claim their prize(s) no later than the 7th of the March, 2023.

1st place prize for the month of February will be a $100 SNIP voucher.  2nd and 3rd prizes will also be awarded, prizes and amounts to be determined.

Bonus Squares (numbered 30-39) available for $10 each.

Claim your dates NOW! You could win a $100 SNIP voucher for a $1 donation!!

Bonus Squares (numbered 30-39) available for $10 each.

All proceeds benefit Callaway County Humane Society and the SNIP program

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